SUTTON BRIDGE 

Welcome to our site:   You will find valuable information regarding help and assistance through this, your very sad and troubled time.

Don't be afraid to inquire regarding our services and our fees or call into our office and have a chat and a look around, or take a look at the ( SIX Basic Service Options ) page. We are here to help you, in any way we can. We can arrange anything you may require, but Never order what you know you can''t afford, tell us at the beginning whether there may be problems in paying for what you need, that way we can help and advise you right from the start. If money is an issue we can arrange for a smaller, or maybe a DIRECT funeral for you, something that will accommodate your financial situation. We can plan and financially arrange the funeral to suit your personal situation or desires.

Always remember, don't be swayed by anyone, you can always say No!, this is a very sad time, and a very special occasion, so don't be persuaded by anyone into something you don't really want.

A Professional Service,
Where we are dedicated in looking after you and your loved one.

Below is the RIVERSIDE Funeral Home, Waiting patiently for its new signage.  

 There is the beautiful majestic Horse Drawn Hearse,  for the local services, either 2, 4 or 6 horses. The Grand, Waldburg Shire Horse Drawn Hearse can also be supplied. Or maybe a Motorbike and Sidecar Hearse, if you feel like an individual touch is required to demonstrate the character of your loved one. Triumph, Harley Davidson and the Suzuki Hayabusa motorbikes are available.

Riverside Funeral Home.

Your loved one will come here and only here, unlike some other Funeral Directors. This is where we will look after your loved one until the day of the funeral. We have two arrangement rooms, one very nice but    ( Homely ) Chapel Of Rest, where your loved one will rest whilst you spend as much time as you need with them. We do have a vast choice of superb coffins in our brochure for you to choose from, and we are only a short walk from Spalding's Registry Office which is situated on Bath Street, just off High Street, which is  just across the river from us, a pleasant walk over the bridge which is at the side of our office, and a few yards along High Street.

The Beautiful River Welland, Right Behind Our Offices

Above: The River Welland runs right behind our office and Chapel of Rest. A very peaceful, very quiet and relaxing place, with ducks, Grebe, Swans and of course Gulls all busying themselves along the water. Fish jump for the insects above the waterline, and the walk over bridge, from High Street crosses over the river and finishes right at the side of our office on Double Street.   



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                           Office Phone:      01775 722567

                                         Fax:      01775 722567     

         Out Of Hours ( Home ) Tel:      01406 366515

             24 Hour/ Emergency No:      07913691605                                 


                           AN INDIVIDUAL FAMILY SERVICE,



Mr.  Kevin Jacklin:                 Funeral Director/Administrator/Proprietor.
Mrs. Carol Jacklin:                 R.G.N. Practice Nurse/Proprietor And                                                                     Funeral Celebrant

Assisting Us Are  

H.J.M. Memorials:                  Top Quality Stone Mason 

Richard King Memorials:       Top Quality Stone Mason 

Our Local Florist:                   Check Out Riverside's Funeral Flowers Page.    

Long Sutton: The Secret Garden 

Donington:   Corner House Flowers :: Florists for all occasions, Spalding

Holbeach:       FLOWER BASKET                                                                               

Spalding:         FLOWERS N THINGS                                                                                    

Spalding:       House Of Flowers

 Any one of these florists deliver regularly to Riverside for their customers.

There is ample parking on both sides of the River. There is a public car park on High Street which is immediately over the river to us. If you do park on the High Street car park, then there is a public footbridge crossing over the River and ending right at the side of our office and Chapel Of Rest. There is also a public car park just off Double Street, at the turning of the Lincolnshire Poacher Public House. If you approach us walking from Spalding's town centre and Market Place, you will find us just below the water Taxi's Landing Stage at the back of Hills Department Store, past The Lincolnshire Poacher Public House, and then we are 200 yards below there, on Double Street, on your right. Our Hearse and Limousines are either, new Vauxhall's or Daimler's, or if required we can supply you with Rolls Royce's, Horse Drawn Hearse, or Shire Horses if preferred. For the enthusiast, we can supply a Motor Bike and Sidecar Hearse, very popular with our biking community.                           

We can arrange a very basic Funeral for you, or whatever you require. We are here to serve you, and look after your loved one. It is an honour and a privilege to serve all the families that entrust us with their loved ones, and for whom we care.


                                   YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
                A TRADITIONAL Service Or A Very PERSONAL Service 

                                      BECAUSE WE CARE

A Church Service maybe. or just a service at one of the Crematoriums. Maybe a small, or large family service, either private to the family, or open to the public. There is Boston Crematorium, Mintlyn Crematorium in King's Lynn, Peterborough Crematorium, and now we have two new Crematoriums, one at March, Cambridgeshire, and the new South Lincolnshire Crematorium, in Surfleet, Spalding. 

Below is a map for you to view, we are pin pointed by the balloon and you can see us either as a map or satellite view. The property has the for sale sign on it, this was before we purchased the property, we cannot update this photo on google maps until they survey the roads again, but you can see the property as it is now to the left of this page.

Our address again is Bank House, 63 Double Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2AB.  Tel: 01775 722567 or  e-mail: