Buying a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful things you could do for your family.

At our time of need, when we do die, everything is left for our children to sort out, and it is a minefield, Banks/Councils/Social Services/ Estate Agents maybe, and the Funeral, and goodness knows what else, because all families are different, all with different situations, and whoever is left behind, is in despair, angry with their loved one for leaving them behind, very hurt, extremely sad, bewildered, grieving and not knowing what to do, and not wanting to do anything.

So before this happens, you could help all of your family, by considering your own funeral arrangements before the event, which could be many years in the future of course. This helps your loved one, your children, and yourself, because you can think clearly, everything is sorted. You know exactly what is going to happen, either a service in your Church or Chapel, or just a family service at the Crematorium, with the hymns you have chosen, or the music you want, and any poems, verses, even, yes, your own hand written eulogy. Nice touch, leaving something you have written for your family to read out at your funeral.

Plus everyone can relax knowing you have even paid for it, either by a single payment, or monthly installment's, over many months or years, and of course, if needed, a reduction of your savings, ( because you may have to pay for your own Nursing Care ), a funeral plan is an ideal way to reduce your savings without wasting your money, and securing your Funeral Directors fees at today's prices, FIXED, no matter how long you live.  

Now sit back, the jobs done, and the Funeral Directors fees are frozen at today's prices, so no matter how long you live, you won't pay any higher fees.

We can do a Bespoke funeral plan for you, or a price set plan, the choice is yours, you can pay it all at once, or over many years monthly, and the younger you are the more money you will save as fees usually go up every year.

With this plan you can also transfer the plan over to someone else. Say you had a tragic sudden death of a close member of your family, your Partner/Wife /Husband/Son/Daughter etc: ect: God forbid! I know, but sometimes for some families, it does happen. And say they have nothing in place, no savings, no pre-paid funeral plan, and their family are struggling, you are able to help, not ideal I know, but we will do anything for our loved ones. And if needed, or required, and you want to, You Can Transfer YOUR plan OVER to YOUR LOVED ONE who has died unexpectedly. Thank goodness this is not needed very often, BUT the advantage with this plan is that IT IS TRANSFERABLE from one person to another.

And make sure you have made a will!, we can help you with that as well, all through Golden Charter

We can arrange your funeral at today's prices     

So don't worry for the future, do something about it, NOW!!!  

Call me on 01775 722567,  You can call into the office, or I can come out to your home address, or post you information and the forms for you to inspect, and maybe fill out, at your leisure.  and safeguard your funeral for the future, at today's prices.

We offer a range of funeral plans that deliver peace of mind for you and your family. Our funeral plan options allow easy and accessible funding options that are flexible to your financial situation. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance means you get the funeral you want and your family are relieved of the financial strain that funerals can often cause.

By securing a Golden Charter Funeral Plan you can pay for your funeral in advance without the worry of future price increases. 

You organise and fix the cost of your funeral at today’s prices. At Golden Charter they operate a Price Match Guarantee on our funeral plans, so if you find the equivalent plan advertised at a lower price, they guarantee to match it. 

Price match guarantee applies if you find an equivalent plan advertised nationally at a lower price within 3 months on your inquiry. 

Excludes the The Base Funeral Plan, which guarantees the cost of the funeral director’s services only.

  • The VALUE Funeral Plan

    £2,895.00 or from £13.59 per month
    • This funeral plan covers the funeral director’s services only
    • The hearse is included, no limousines
    • No personalisation available
    • Pay in full, over 12 months interest free, or by fixed monthly payments.
  • The Standard Funeral Plan

    £3,495.00 or from £18.15 per month
    • The funeral director's services and third party costs are fully guaranteed for cremation
    • This plan covers the essentials, but viewing is not included
    • The hearse included, no limousines
    • Pay in full, over 12 months interest free, or by fixed monthly payments.
  • The Select Funeral Plan

    £3,850.00 or from £19.34 per month
    • Hearse and one limousine included
    • Personalisation available
    • Full viewing facilities and out of hours service
    • Pay in full, over 12 months interest free, or by fixed monthly payments.
  • The Premier Funeral Plan

    £4,099.00 or from £33.73 per month
    • The most comprehensive guaranteed plan available
    • Hearse plus two limousines included
    • Full listing of floral tributes
    • Pay in full, over 12 months interest free, or by fixed monthly payments.
    * For full details on each payment option please visit the payment choices Page:  ( Click on the link )    payment choices page. 

       DON'T FORGET:     CALL ME ON,  01775 722567, And I Will Assist You In Planning Your Own Funeral For The Future.  

Funeral plans by Golden Charter