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A Direct Funeral, also known as a delivery  

THIS ARRANGEMENT COSTS   £1,500.00   Viewing Available with this service

Maybe it's because they don't want any fuss, or maybe because of their beliefs, maybe it's a financial decision, or maybe it's just not what your loved one would have wanted. Maybe he/she was too practical for a normal funeral service, just not their style. They wanted to be cremated but that's it, No fuss.. 

So why feel as though you have to have, a traditional funeral ?
It is getting more and more popular to be taken to the crematorium, without a service in a church or chapel, and just be delivered to the crematorium.
The crematorium then looks after the deceased without any service for the deceased. So there is no minister in attendance, no family, no friends, and no mourners allowed to be at the crematorium. We look after the deceased with the same respect and dignity that every other person gets, no matter what, everyone is treated as though they are one of our family members. We arrange a day and time to suit Riverside Funeral Services agenda, the family are not told in advance when we will be taking the deceased to the crematorium, only after the crematorium has looked after the deceased.
This stops family members worrying or wondering about what is happening at any given time. This arrangement actually helps the family to get on with their lives until the cremation has happened.
Once we have delivered the deceased to the crematorium, and once the cremation has taken place, that is the time that family are told, either by telephone or email.

This arrangement is called a direct funeral or a delivery costing £1,500.00